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Re: [TowerTalk] Cheap 55G for sale

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Cheap 55G for sale
From: "Dick Green" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 21:19:45 -0400
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> I'm just passing this along. Seems like a pretty  good deal. They're
> $336.00 per section currently.

Not if you know where to buy them. Brand-new 10' straight sections of Radian
Rohn 55G are listed for $236.31 each from Hill Radio Communications, a very
reliable vendor. Interesting that the price is only $6.31 per section more
now than it was 17 years ago. Caveat on that price -- that's what the
website says and that's what I paid a year ago. Sometimes Hill's website
prices are a little out of date, so if  there was a big price increase from
Radian this year the prices will be higher. But I don't think they'll be
$100 higher. 

I don't understand "Parts of this tower had fallen 17 years ago". Does that
mean that a previous tower fell, or does it mean that some of the sections
being sold actually were in the air and fell to the ground? Clearly, 12 of
the sections were in that quick-lift that didn't go 100% according to plan.

17-year old sections, some of which may have fallen or were in a high-stress
lift, for $86 less than brand new. Is that really a good deal? My rule of
thumb for building my 55G tower was to expect it to be up for at least 20
years. I know this stuff is very rugged (I've been hugging mine a lot
lately), and apparently the galvanizing is in good shape, at least on the
outside. But in 2027 I wouldn't want to be taking down a tower with sections
that are almost 40 years old and maybe fell to the ground at some point
(well, I'll be 74, God-willing, but you get the point.)

73, Dick WC1M

>     Please respond to the originator directly - tnx.
> Cheers,
> Steve    K7LXC
> >  Hello every one,
> The 24 straight sections of R-55 are  still for sale.
> I am asking $150 per section. These sold new for  $230/section in 1990
> and
> while rohn is no longer in business ,Valmont and (I  think) Radian make
> spare
> parts for these.
> Buy all 24 sections for the  $3600 total and I'll throw in the guy
> wire(including 1500' of new guy wire), the  turnbuckles and anchor
> plates, 2 spare
> anchor rods(8') and the top and bottom  plates.We also have most of the
> bolts and
> nuts in case you want to reuse  them.
> Also available is the lighting kit which includes your choice of a
> homebrew
> solid state flasher, or an older mechanical ROHN flasher & control
> box. Also
> 1 - 300mm Beacon fixture, and a dual OB1 obstruction (sidelight)
> assembly,
> and the associated cables made from outdoor UV resistant  romex.
> This all at a package price for $700.
> These sections were up  for 17 years are painted red/white and still in
> good
> to very good shape. The  paint is peeling but the steel and galvanizing
> are in
> very good shape. This was  taken down by Sammy Smith in May this year
> and no
> damage was incurred then. You  may want to contact Sammy for a second
> opinion
> or a reference.
> Parts of  this tower had fallen 17 years ago and during re-erection,
> one
> section busted  loose one of the daigonal rebars when we emergency
> lifted 120' of
> tower plus  antennas & feedlines. ALL sections are straight and in very
> good
> shape other  than the above mentioned daigonal rebar.
> We can also repaint this tower  if needed for $500 or $21/section.
> If you've read this far, Thanks for  looking & 73
> Dave Firis AL7OP
> Firis Communications Center
> 486  Akron Rd.
> Wadsworth, Ohio 44281-9487
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> Re:Rohn%2055%20Still%20FOR%20SALE%20-%20240'%20Guyed.%20in%20NE%20Ohio)
> PH:330-336-3754
> secondary PH: (cell)  330-958-8329
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