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[TowerTalk] SteppIR problem-update from the front lines

Subject: [TowerTalk] SteppIR problem-update from the front lines
From: Bill Carnett <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 06:23:02 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <>
I don't want to continue to beat this thing to death,
but all of you TT'ers have been a wealth of
information.  So, I wanted to reply to this most
recent comment.
73, Bill
wertalk wrote:

(Doing engineering analysis from where I am sitting is
very difficult, 
and you are down to that point.  The part substitution
method hasn't 
worked and there is only one part left that hasn't
been substituted. 
(And I doubt that will solve the problem either.) Plus
you didn't give 
us many details of your measurements other than you
made them and they 
were OK. So everyone is just taking wild guesses.  (I
thought the water 
in the cable guess was pretty good.)  Here are some
questions.  The 
answers to these would help a lot.

1.  When you ohmed the lines to the motors what were
the readings? Were 
they all very close to the same?

Reply:  Yes each circut was the same, about 34.6 ohms
as I recall. 

2. Did you check every line for resistance between
each line and every 
other line and ground?  Were they all open except for
the mate for the 
one being tested?

Reply: Yes, all were open, except the mate above,
which were 34.6 ohms.

3. Is the DC ground for the power supply tied to
station ground?  Did 
you measure it?

Reply:  Not sure I can measure this (??).  The station
ground is an 8 foot rod approximately 5 feet from the
unit. Connection is via a 4 ga solid wire and 2 inch
ribbon to a SPG bulkhead plate.  The house ground is
via the AC circut, approximately 15 feet from shack
and utlizes 2 - 8 foot ground rods approximately 8
feet apart.  BTW, building inspector told us we didn't
need any of that lightening stuff "we don't require it
any more."  go figure?

  Note: This can be a difficult to measure, because
there may be some 
small voltage on it.
 (This DC ground should not be connected to the tower
ground at the 

 If it is connected, remove the serial cable to the
computer and 
re-measure it.  If it is still connected, this may be
a problem.

4.  Are there any other devices connected to this
cable such as 
transient suppressors or a tuning relay?
Reply:  no suppressors or other devices in the circut.

tks again, bc

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