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Re: [TowerTalk] EMI concerns;Detectors/Radiation Allergies

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] EMI concerns;Detectors/Radiation Allergies
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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 13:23:56 -0500
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I wonder why they gave this particular lady so much air time when we have
such serious problems as "full" moonbeams causing werewolves, and spinach
causing big muscles. My hair fell out long before electro smog and I am
seriously allergic to the national "news" on all stations...if gives me a
major upset stomach. 

People have way too much time on their hands. 

Bill, W5VX

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>Subject: [TowerTalk] EMI concerns;Detectors/Radiation Allergies
>Oh my god....
>This morning's Good Morning America, entertainment show  (I shudder to call
>it news) has a piece about Sarah Dacre from England.  Seems Sarah has an
>allergy to Electromagnetic Radiation, that she can definitely feel, and has
>caused her many ills in recent times.   She is shown shopping in London
>wearing what looks like a bee keepers veil that is actually  EMI shield
>cloth, in addition to metallic fabrics to protect her while she walks among
>the Electro Smog, as she calls it.  She has wallpapered her home in
>wallpaper to keep out the poisonous waves...
>Even has a hand held Electro Smog Detector, which plays a shrill square
>audio tone, sounds like a vacuum cleaner motor sounds near an am
>radio....Looks something like a hardware store stud finder.
>Anyay, if you see folks sniffing round your antennas carrying one of these,
>may be you should be concerned.  The ABC news piece gave some legitimacy to
>Sarah's allergy to electromagnetic waves.
>Dr. Dave Dowson has her in his care....Check these folks out on the web....
>Sincerely, Pat Barthelow
>Jamesburg Earth Station  Moon Bounce Team
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