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[TowerTalk] Help in ID'ing an unusual antenna spotted....

Subject: [TowerTalk] Help in ID'ing an unusual antenna spotted....
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 14:52:37 EDT
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A couple of weeks ago, we were in Hawaii for the first time, and  visiting 
the famous "Diamondhead" Crater on the edge of Honolulu. 
  There is a military installation inside the crater, and the main  tourist 
attraction is to climb the inside of the crater to the old military  bunkers 
that are built along the rim of the crater overlooking the ocean and  Honolulu.
  To get to my point, as we were leaving the crater area on a tour bus  
afterward, I got a quick glimpse of an unusual antenna that I had never seen  
  There appeared to be a couple of missing elements and a generally  rundown 
appearance.  It obviously was part of the military installation,  but appeared 
to be in a state of disrepair.
  It looked like a large "corner reflector" antenna, BUT was in the HF  range 
by the apparent size of the elements, plus it appeared to be a "staggered"  
element, log periodic design.
  It was joined together at the "small element" end, with the  larger 
elements being on the open end.
  The largest elements suggested resonance around 13-14 megs  maybe?  ( Like 
I said, it was a quick glimpse as we passed by on the way  out of the 
installation. )
  I have seen a lot of antennas, and several corner reflector  antennas, but 
this was most unusual from my perspective.
  Just thought I would throw it out for any info or if anyone had ever  been 
assigned to that Diamondhead installation.
  Bob   _ww4t@aol.com_ (  

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