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[TowerTalk] Help in ID'ing an unusual antenna spotted....

Subject: [TowerTalk] Help in ID'ing an unusual antenna spotted....
From: Ron Hashiro <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 20:48:26 -1000
List-post: <>
A couple of weeks ago, we were in Hawaii for the first time, and  visiting 
the famous "Diamondhead" Crater on the edge of Honolulu. 
  There is a military installation inside the crater, and the main  tourist 
attraction is to climb the inside of the crater to the old military  bunkers 
that are built along the rim of the crater overlooking the ocean and  Honolulu.


  Just thought I would throw it out for any info or if anyone had ever  been 
assigned to that Diamondhead installation.
  Bob   _ww4t@aol.com_ (



That installation is the log periodic HF antenna used by Hawaii State 
Civil Defense for its HF communications with FEMA.  The equipment is 
tied to Harris ALE HF equipment, in a EMP-proof vault.  The vault is 
located within the Emergency Operating Center, which is a converted 
World War I artilery ammo bunker.  On your visit, you saw the gun 
emplacements along the shore side of Diamond Head crater, and there are 
some other old gun emplacements on the ridge line opposite -- towards 
the mountain ridge.

If you look at the photo of the fish-eye lens, it would be on the far 
side of the crater.

I am the head of State CD RACES, and our operating position for HF and 
VHF/UHF voice is along side the HF vault.

That log periodic is unusual, in the sense that it is not just a flat LP 
antenna like most installations.  There is an LP on the top, angled 
down, and an LP on the bottom, angled up.  They meet at a vertex.  I'm 
not 100% sure of that particular design.  My understanding was that it 
was salvaged and reused from a military radio station.

The antenna sits on a tower, with a rotator.  I'm not positive if its 
sitting on a thrust bearing.

You can see a similar antenna at this site.  It appears to be a Collins 

Hope this helps.  Thanks to Kimo, KH7U for notifying me of this posting.

Ron Hashiro, AH6RH
Honolulu, HI


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