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Re: [TowerTalk] a ham radio marketing question or two

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] a ham radio marketing question or two
From: Mike Miller <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 00:18:14 -0500
List-post: <>

I'll reply both on the reflector and off, since my answer is both antenna 
related and not.

First, to take the the initial question and handle it:  I'm the kitted parts 
kind of person.  If there is no kit of parts available, then a good schematic, 
board diagram/parts layout, and assembly drawing will do for me as well.  
Commercial products are nice, but more costly, and let's face it, I'm frugal 
(read as cheap, if you must), and I come from the Heathkit era.  My first 
baptism into electronics came via Heathkit, and I've never looked back.  It got 
me into ham radio as well, along with my father and my brother's interest, and 
taught me a lot.  I'd rather work with my hands and enjoy seeing the fruits of 
my labors, like I used to in the "old days."  I also spent a couple of years 
doing manufacturing engineering work for Wilcox Electric, so I'm very capable 
of laying out the more efficient method of building a project whether or not a 
kit is available...and I like a challenge, anyway.

Second, for me, no, that doesn't change if it uses a PC.  I now help support 
nearly 5000 PC's on a statewide network for a living, so it's no sweat off my 
brow to work with things in a PC environment.  Actually, it makes it more 
inviting.  I don't engineer software, so I need that part already hammered out, 
but if the software works, I can handle getting the rest to work.

Price points:  I think I already addressed that up above....I'm frugal.  I like 
to do it myself.  That's why I prefer to REBUILD my antennas instead of 
purchasing new ones, hence my rebuilt Mosley TA-36 instead of the excellent 
condition Cushcraft X-9 I could have purchased (which was offered at a good 
deal, BTW).  It's either that or build my own, as I'm considering doing for 12, 
17, and 30 meters.

Design margins:  Don't you often sacrifice some of that when you hit the more 
frugal price points?  There are both pros and cons with less expensive gear, 
often times.  But, if done right, and you're building it yourself, you can 
correct it's issues before they become long as you take the time 
to try to identify them.

Ok.  I'm done now...  I'm jumping down off of my soap box, which I had to climb 
up on so you could see what I'd typed.

Mike - WA0ZOG, ex. KA9RQW


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