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[TowerTalk] Crimp or Solder

Subject: [TowerTalk] Crimp or Solder
From: Peter Dougherty <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 10:39:45 -0400
List-post: <>
At 10:27 AM 06/21/2007, you wrote:
>From: <>
>I recently read some comments elsewhere that a well-crimped 
>connector is just as
>good, but wondering what you all think before I try it.  I'm not 
>talking about the
>tool that crimps regular connectors designed for soldering as I hear 
>the tend to
>crack the connector. But I am talking about the ratcheted type that 
>leaves a hex
>shaped-crimp on a connecter designed for it.  I would do this with 
>both 9913 Davis
>buryflex and LMR-240 UF.

Crimped, for sure. For PL-259s I use two tools to do the job 
perfectly, in about a minute or so. I do my cable prep with a UT-8000 
cable prep tool available from DX Engineering for $40. I do the crimp 
connectors with the appropriate jaws in a ratcheting crimp tool that 
I bought from Joel at the RF Connection. There are two sets of jaws - 
one for RG-213/RG-8 sized cable (.405) and one for both RG-8X and 
RG-58. Tool and two jaws are around $75 if memory serves. Joel also 
sells the crimp connectors.

You will NOT go wrong with this method. Shield-to-connector-body 
connection is even, tough and reliable (not four pin-holes of 
varying-quality solder work, and there's no risk of center insulation 
deformation that you might encounter by overheating with conventional 

Expensive, yes, but worth every penny. Wish I'd made the switch a LOT 
sooner in my hamming career!




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