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[TowerTalk] Question using balun on a hf beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Question using balun on a hf beam
From: "Jim Miller WB5OXQ in Waco" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 19:44:04 -0500
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I have a Force 12 C-3 hf beam and the manual told me to use a balun or a choke 
to connect the feedline to the driven element.
I originally used a home wound choke of RG-213 on a piece of 4" pvc pipe.  I 
want to know if I use a high power 1-1 current balun such as a 
DX Engineering DXE-BAL050-H10-A will it improve anything? Using just the choke 
I have problems with RF in the shack. 
How would I connect the terminal end of the balun to the driven element?  
Ladderline if so which type, or short pieces of solid 12 ga insulated 
electrical wire to the wing nut terminals.  I understand to strap the balun to 
the boom with hose clamps just behind the driven element.  Is the length of the 
feedline important?  Do I need to make it 1/8 wave of the lowest frequency 
I hope this balun does not burn out easily.  I run a Titan 425 amp.  I 
sometimes run AM.
I also have a 1/2 wave 75 meter dipole fed with RG-213.  Would I benefit from 
switching to ladderline?  My tuner has a input for ladderline. 
Thanks in advance for advice and 73.  Jim WB5OXQ

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