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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower ACCIDENT
From: "Richard Joey Fiero II W5TFW" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 18:18:57 -0500
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  to All;

 A Fellow ham asked me to drop by here and tell you all my story, you see I 
am in a wheel chair,
because I was on a tower that collapsed,

 My Names Joey, My Call is W5TFW, I live just outside of Baton Rouge 
Louisiana, On April 1st
I was disassembling a  100' tower with a mosley tri bander and a 2 meter 
Yagi, etc,....
The owner whos is now a silent key,  told me the tower was in fine shape,  3 
sets of guy wires no rust,
seemed strong enough to me upon inspection, so up I went, I first removed 
the antennas, rotor, top section, then 6 10' sections, now at 40' the tower 
legs just BROKE,  it snaped the guy wires and down I came, I broke my left 
ankle, My Pelvis, my Back, my Ribs, and I almost bleed to death,

   I hope this helps you all not to make the mistakes I made.

ps: the OWNER of the tower, Came to the hospital,  He had a Heart attack and 

              Regards,  Joey
Richard Joey Fiero II
W5TFW  EM-40
Director 6 Club


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