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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower ACCIDENT
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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 21:13:02 -0400
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Is there a way of gauging the amount of rust on a tower leg - it is pretty 
scary to think that a bottom section that looks OK could be badly rusted on 
the inside and collapse on you. I don't like climbing towers at the best of 
times but this is very worrying as the tower ages.


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> Dan & Joey,
>    We do not have enough information yet.
>    Joey is on the 6M list and many of the guys prayed
> and encouraged him through the early days following his
> accident.
>    Joey didn't post the insurance report, perhaps the
> missing variables are in there.
>    I am guessing that the tower may have suffered some
> sort of internal rusting or some other damage prior to
> his work on it.
>    The stress of the work at 100 feet and then removing
> the top sections may have stressed those weaknesses until
> they finally gave.
>    There may also have been a change in weather, e.g.
> wind gusts, temperature, etc.
>    Metal fatigue sometimes results in failures at odd
> moments and I am sure Joey is happy that tower failed
> when he was at 40 feet vs 100!
>> I found a couple of things you said that did not add up correctly, 
>> obviously
>> it happened,, but seems it should not have. You said you had the tower 
>> down
>> to the 40 ft. level...By the way, is the tower Rohn 25??
>> When the tower was fully up with the antennas and all the guy cables, 
>> that
>> tower was at maximum load. Then you added your body weight, your gear to
>> take the tower down, and all the movement that comes with getting a
>> tri-bander down from 100 ft. That is theoretically when the tower shoud 
>> have
>> collapsed. The only way I could see any different, is the bottom set of
>> wires created some pivot at the failure point. But if that tower was up 
>> with
>> proper guy cables, with a minimum of 3/16 EHS, 3990 lb break strength, 
>> the
>> guy should have never broke. I am sure sorry of your accident, I hope 
>> what I
>> am describing, and what happened to you can foil another tower 
>> tragedy...I
>> sure feel it should not have happened....Best Wishes,, Good Luck to you,,
>> Dan Cisson N4GNR
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> Thanks! & 73, doc, KD4E
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