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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] SteppIR
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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 07:29:49 -0700
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> Carl, your bragging doesn't make any sense at all.  For any specific band
> most monoband antennas will stomp a SteppIR, assuming that the boom length
> is the same or longer than the SteppIR.  For band hopping convenience, I
> would agree with you  that the SteppIR antenna is better than most
> tribanders.  All of this bickering back and forth has become tedious at
> best.
> Bob  W6TR

Talk about tedious.  Your constant bashing of a product that you obviously 
have no experience with and know very little about is more than a little 
tedious.  Your earlier comment that boom length is the primary determining 
factor for gain indicates that a SteppIR on a 32' boom should perform 
identically to a monobander on a 32' boom.  If you're going to stomp someone 
you better have more than a a few tenths of a dB to brag about.

SteppIR makes a good product.  M2 makes a good product.  Force 12 makes a 
good product.  Optibeam makes a good product.  There are a lot of good 
homebrew antennas.  And not one of those is right for everyone.  Obviously 
SteppIR isn't right for you, but it is for me and for a lot of us it has 
been a great solution for good performance on a lot of bands with minimal 
tower space and footprint.

Give it up.  We're all tired of hearing your rants.  If you want this thread 
to end, then stop prolonging it.  And have the courtesy to only review and 
comment on products that you've actually used and know something about.

Signed: another happy SteppIR owner with a beautiful child,
Clay  W7CE


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