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It may "sound" like a dumb question, but it might have been a valid one, 
so-to-speak.  He might have worked in a process environment where he was 
trained to only connect things as marked.  He might not know why they were 
marked, but just followed directions.  Perhaps different connectors were used 
on each end for some reason or another (cost or maybe weatherproofing?).  Just 

I've heard that certain certifications (such as ISO) require that resistors and 
even wire be handled with proper anti-static precautions.  To many, this may 
sound silly, but in order to maintain the certification, this process must be 
followed.  So if someone asks for a grounding-strap before picking up some 
resistors, it may sound silly, but he may be just use to the idea.


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"Which pl 259 goes to the rig and which to the antenna? They should put
arrows on those things!"

Wow, what a dumb question.  That's easy, the one that is closest to the rig
always goes to the antenna and visa versa.  If it appears to be a tie, hire a
surveyor (make sure he is a licensed PE in your state).

Ken W7TS

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