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Re: [TowerTalk] Its summer and antennas are on my mind

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Its summer and antennas are on my mind
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Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 12:17:54 -0400
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I had no problems working WAZ and over 200 countries on the 3 WARC bands 
during the mostly slow parts of the last cycle with a 160M inverted V with 
80/75M inv Vees hung from the same feed which was at 130'.  Amp loaded fine 
on 12/17 so I didnt care what the VSWR was.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Its summer and antennas are on my mind

>I have been thinking for a while about a second tower. I currently have 120
> foot tower with a C3E and XM240 stacked on top. For 80 I have a full sized
> sloper and for 160 I have an inverted vee with the top about 110 feet.
> I want to be able to get on the WARC bands (Challenge award) plus I would
> like to have a second antennas if we do multi-single contest operation. I
> already have the easy stuff, amps and radios - so antennas, it is. I have
> thought of a 100 foot tower of either Rohn 45 or 55. I could then have a
> platform for an antenna (nothing real big and no special brands yet, 
> please)
> of some kind that will work the WARC bands. I could even stack up a 6 
> meter
> antenna as well. I was checking out the guying for these two towers and 
> was
> a little surprised that the Rohn 55 needs 3 sets of guys at 100 feet just
> like the 45 does. I had always thought that the 55 took only two sets of
> guys. (It, actually, does at the 70MPH rating)
> I was wondering if maybe gamma matching the tower with multiple radials
> would provide a significant improvement on 160M? Is the Rohn 55 overkill?
> The weather here in Deep South Texas is seldom bad. We have a few
> thunderstorms and it very seldom freezes. I am inland from Brownsville 
> about
> 75 miles so a hurricane is possible, but the last one in these parts was
> 1990.
> Sunspots are coming!
> Bill, W5VX
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