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[TowerTalk] WWV Location (was sweet spot)

Subject: [TowerTalk] WWV Location (was sweet spot)
From: ABowenN4OO <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 14:00:29 -0700
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Original question:
Does anyone on the list know what factors were involved in selecting the Tower
field location in Fort Collins CO? TIA,
Ken W7TS
I checked with my friend Gary, W0CGR, who lives several miles 
southwest of the WWV site. You can see the antenna towers by climbing 
a little way up his tower. He did not have any single source of 
information, but gathered a number of factors from local lore and inference.
1. The National Bureau of Standards was located at Boulder, CO, which 
is NW of Denver and SW of Ft. Collins. The so called "Atomic Clock" 
is at that location. They wanted the transmit site to be reasonably close.
2. The WWV site is over a very high water table. It is surrounded by 
ponds and natural lakes, which are somewhat unusual in that area.
3. It is rumored that the ground conductivity is high.
4. At the time of selection, it was very isolated. It isn't any more.
Maybe someone knows "the rest of the story".
You can find out a lot more by Googling WWV and going to the various 
sites listed. The antenna and transmitter descriptions are 
interesting. Ditto for the antenna sites at WWVH.

the NBS was (still is but ahr name) in Boulder, that's where the 
clock is ... The clock is the atomic cesium fountain machine that is 
the latest greatest most accurate in the world.  They wanted the xtmr 
reasonably close by.

The WWV site is over a very high water table  and is surrounded by 
ponds and natural lakes.  Unusual in this area/climate.  I've heard 
that the ground conductivity is the reason for that qth.  It 
was  very isolated when selected, now cuz of the natural beauty of 
the area mainly a spectacular view to the west of the mtns it is 
becoming surrounded by CA immigrants and their multi million dollar 
pocket mansions.... I fear for the site.


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