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[TowerTalk] putting beams on tiltover crankup towers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] putting beams on tiltover crankup towers
From: "Al Williams" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 16:26:52 -0700
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Towertalkians who are leery of putting beam antennas on tilted horizontal 
crankups may be interested in how I installed the Steppir Monstr on my LM470 
motorized crankup.  I say I installed but actually my older eyes mostly watched 
while three helpful hams did most of the work.

One of the helpful hams was a retired civil engineer and he thought of using 
the tilt raising fixture to tilt the tower,  with one end of the fully 
assembled Monstr attached, up until it would be at the proper angle for 
extending the tower through the booms U bolts on the boom-to-mast fixture.  The 
other end of the boom was mounted on a four wheel nursery type cart so that the 
boom end would not scrape on the ground as the antenna assembly was dragged up 
and toward the tower.

In order to lift the antenna high enough at its pulling up end so that the 
u-bolts in the center of the boom would be lined up correctly for the mast to 
go through them, the tower was initially extended ~10 feet. When the tower was 
at its correct tilt for the mast to go through the u-bolts, the boom end was 
taken off the wagon and firmly anchored to the ground.  A wire rope that had 
previously been attached to the top of the outer-nonmovable section of tower 
was brought away from the tower about 80' and firmly anchored taught to hold 
the tower in place.  (We used my Kabota 4-wheel drive tractor for the anchor)
As a safety precaution an 8' pole (6" diam) was placed to hold the tower --just 
in case).

The wire rope that had been pulling the tower up was detached, the tower 
retracted and tilted back down until the mast was in line with the mast-to-boom 
u-bolts.  The tower was then easily extended through the u-bolts.  During these 
operations a ham was at each end of the lowest element holding on to a rope 
that was slung over the element in order to be able to steady the antenna 
assembly.  Just a little jiggling enabled the mast to wiggle through the 

A ham them climbed a ladder to tighten the u-bolts. Note that the Monstr was 
installed at only about a foot above the tower so that the ladder was not all 
that long.  All of the wiring had already been connected and tested.



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