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Back in 1990-91, after moving to this QTH on a hilltop in the woods I 
started erecting the tower farm on 5 acres. As written I interpreted the 
regulations as not requiring a permit.

The 60' tower at the edge of the lawn area and the woods went fine, not any 

One weekend several of us erected 180' of 45G 250' back from the house in a 
area I cleared in the woods. On Monday morning the building inspector called 
and asked what I was doing and I told him. Over the rest of the week I was 
visited by the CAA and FAA who were called by the farmers a 1/4 mile away 
who had a grass strip for their antique planes.
The CAA guy demanded that I take it down so I told him in Navy lingo to get 
off my property.

The FAA guy was pleasant and I treated him the same. After he walked the 
area and sited their runway approach path he said he didn't have a problem. 
Later he called and told me that the grass strip which had been used since 
1936 was unregistered, we had a good laugh over that. It cost the farmers 
several Kilobucks for a survey and registration!

About 2 weeks later the FCC arrived by coming thru the woods from the 
airstrip. I happened to be out there and challenged him. After showing his 
ID and explaining that he was walking off distances I explained what was 
going on. After saying that he was being used in a political game he said 
"No I'm not, you are fine and I'm outta here".

Later that year tower 3 went up, 100' of 25G; no problems except some 
grumblings from a few selectmen to the Planning Director.

The next spring tower 4, 120' of 25G, was half completed on a Sunday. On 
Monday the cops arrived with a C&D order.

During all this time I was kept filled in by the towns Executive Assistant 
and Planning Director who were on my side. They told me to keep putting the 
towers up and force the town to make the first move.

My lawyer is an Extra Class ham and he enjoyed the task ahead of him. The 
written agreement that he negotiated said that I was free to erect as many 
towers as I wanted as long as they presented no danger to any structure. It 
also was written with the word  "equal" which my lawyer interpreted as as 
many 180' as I wanted!

The farmers and selectmen didn't learn their lesson. They taxed my towers at 
$5K each and denied my waiver. I applied to the State of NH Land Use Court 
for a hearing. In the meantime I contacted a long time State Rep who also 
happened to be on the Top of the DXCC Honor Roll.

The following legislative session a law exempting all amateur radio antennas 
and structures from taxation was unanimously passed. The following year 
PRB-1 was written into the state constitution.

The farmers finally gave up and I'm friendly with them now. They simply 
thought that they "owned" the hill and had to be shown the error of their 

After the most complaining selectwoman was defeated at the polls I was 
requested, applied and appointed to the Planning Board. I led the effort to 
have a very lenient ham tower law written into the regulations.

The bottom line is that in a small town in a small state one person can 
effect a change.


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> Steve,
> The intention here was not to "bitch-about-the-government" but rather 
> bring
> attention to the issue(s).   In my case i believed the need to have a PE
> stamp on each page did not bring any more value of safety. I had a letter
> with a PE stamp from Rohn referencing the design. But was not sufficient.
> If we let State and local governments place too many road blocks in the 
> way
> then no one will be permitted to have a tower.  So this is related to the
> reflector.
> Again, to all my road blocks for permit were small in comparison as 
> compare
> to others, but why should we tolerate it ?
> I agree 100% that installations need to be safe. But what is reasonable to
> prove that it is safe ?
> If any HAM wants to put up a tower why should they be told no you cant put
> up any tower, or not you cant put up a 65' tower in town, or 140' in the
> countryside ?
> In my opinion HAM towers have been put in the same category as Cell towers
> because local governments to not know how to address them separately.   We
> are not commercial operations, we do not have funds as a corporations, or 
> a
> legal department.... etc.
> On 9/1/07, <> wrote:
>>  Hey, guys --
>>     This is not the bitch-about-the-government reflector. OTOH thoughtful
>> questions and answers about towers and HF antenna construction projects 
>> are
>> always welcome. Tnx.
>> Cheers,
>> Steve     K7LXC
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