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Interesting idea Jim. Come to think of it, I have tilt heads on all of my
yagis so could tilt the Yagi over, tie it in that position, then tilt the
tower over if desired. I still think it is simpler to just lower the yagi
vertically and avoid unbolting and tilting the tower. To each his own, Hi
73, DAn, N5AR

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On my Rohn 45G foldover in Vermont, I fabricated a bracket
system which kept the yagi horizontal,while the tower folded

This allowed full lowering, and prevented skewering the roof
when the tower folded over, plus walking height maintenance.

The idea was published in one form, in RadCom, back in the late
90's.  I took pics and wrote an article on my variant of it,
for QST, but never submitted it for publication.  Still have
the pics,somewhere, I believe.

If TT feels it's worth publishing, as a concept, I'll
submit it to QST.

If anyone needs specific details/pics, I'll look for
same.  I know where the prototype is, and can recover
it, if needed.


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