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[TowerTalk] Airports and Towers (was: Permit in Hand)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Airports and Towers (was: Permit in Hand)
From: "Larry Burke" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 12:19:41 -0500
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Carl, KM1H said: 

>> A private grass strip has no FAA protection according to the guy I was
talking to; it would be different if it was open to the public. 

That's the way I read the regs on notification of FAA on towers, too. 

Could one of the pilots on the reflector answer a few related questions? The
regs state that airports hams should be concerned about are "available for
public use and listed in the Airport Directory of the current Airman's
Information Manual..." among other things. I found many airport directories
on the web and found an "Aeronautical Information Manual". 

(a) is "Aeronautical Information Manual" the new de-sexed name for the
"Airman's Information Manual"? 

(b) where is the Airport Directory that is associated with the AIM? Can't
seem to find it on the web. 

AOPA has a members-only directory which sounds like it might be one of the
more popular references, but since I can't get access I am depending on a
list by the Texas Department of Transportation. It shows the closest public
airport to my new QTH as 5.85 miles away. At that distance, I appear to be
well out of FAA notification distance (assuming the tower is less than 200
ft AGL). I just need to confirm that that is the ONLY public airport around

There is a grass runway (seldom used and doesn't appear to be open to the
public) that is behind the houses across the street from me. The way I
interpret the regs, this should not be an issue as far as FAA notification.

- Larry Wi5A



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