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Subject: [TowerTalk] WARC-7
From: N1BAA - Jose Castillo <>
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 17:24:26 +0000
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I recently put together a WARC-7 for Chet Moore, N4FX and 
had the exact same problem.

In fact we took it apart and put it back together at MY QTH, 
tested it again because FORCE 12 thought there was a 
detuning issue at his home....
WELL....we got the same results....never did get it resonant 
  any where near the band...

In fact, FORCE 12 had to send another one to him...which is 
still in the box.... and he is a little gun shy to say the 
least about trying this one...

I sent out an email to every FORCE 12 WARC -7 owner I knew 
and they all said they had NO problems with PLUG AND PLAY 
with I think you and Chet may have gotten a funky 

The strange thing is that EVERY SINGLE measurement was 

OH yeah...FORCE 12 even sent us a BRAND NEW driven 
element...and that did not solve it either...

IF you get yours figured out...LET US BOTH KNOW!....

We both have lots of other FORCE 12 antennas, and have not 
had a single issue with them..

Good luck amigo!

Jose - N1BAA

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