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[TowerTalk] WARC 7 interaction

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Subject: [TowerTalk] WARC 7 interaction
From: "Natan Huffman" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 20:08:38 -0400
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Gents and others,


A recent post about the WARC 7 interacting and failing to resonate while in
the vicinity of a Mag 240N is no surprise to me.  The 240N has a resonance
at the 12 meter band and it will definitely destructively interact just as
described by a purchaser who had a WARC 7  but seven feet from a 240N.  I
don't understand what the problem is other than operator error or perhaps
F12 didn't bother to mention this resonance with the 240N.  Bottom line is
"if you have a 240N or any antenna utilizing the "N" type element, don't
mount a WARC antenna nearby!"  When F12 talks about 7' separation they refer
to separation between a F12 tribander (10/15/20 and the 240N.  It used to be
when I was doing tech support for F12, I repeatedly stressed the 7 foot
separation only pertained to F12 tribanders like the C31XR since F12 did not
have the needed files for competitors tribanders.  Perhaps things have
changed, but the "N" element will definitely detune the WARC 7, the WARC 2X2
and any other 12 meter antenna made by anyone.


The problem, defined as failure to see resonance within the 12 meter band
AND little effect by changing the hairpin spacing, MAY be mitigated by
turning the WARC 7 by 90 degrees.  Of course we may have an issue of
semantics because the WARC 7 is a three band antenna.  For F12 and most
others, the term "tribander" refers to a 10/15/20 meter antenna.


My attempts to reply directly to this person having a problem were
unsuccessful as his E-mail provider repeatedly showed as an error message
"Unknown address error 550-'Previous (cached) callout verification failure."
Therefore, I apologize for taking up bandwidth. 


Good Luck,


Natan W6XR

Ithaca, NY




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