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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crank-up towers
From: "Pat Chiles" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 19:33:14 -0400
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I have US Tower 555HDX.  It has a TH7 2 feet above the top of the tower and a 
Cushcraft XM240 about 12 feet above that.  I installed both of these antennas 
myself without my feet barely left the ground.  My method is very similar to 
Bill (W2WO) except for the following.  I modified the two booms into three 
equal sections and used three foot sections of aluminum tubing to splice the 
sections.  When I lower the tower(boom end down) I remove two 1/4 inch bolts at 
one of the splices and that section with elements attached drops away and allow 
me to lower the TH7 mast plate to about 4 feet from the ground and the XM240 
mast plate about 6 feet from the ground.  If I need to get to the top section 
of the boom then the tower goes all the way up and that end is rotated so it 
will be on the bottom when the tower is lowered the second time.  Probably not 
everyones cup of tea, but it works for me.

Pat, K8PC

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