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[TowerTalk] CC xm240 questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] CC xm240 questions
From: "Curtis" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 11:21:34 -0600
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I just received a xm240.  I ordered it now, although it will not go up for
at least a month.  So I have some time to deal with any issues with it.  I
inventoried all the parts, everything is there, that?s a good thing.


There is no hole in the driven element end of the boom, for the ¼? x 31/2?
horizontal bolt, that goes through the element to boom brackets.  There is a
hole on the reflector end.  I assume that is a mistake.  Is the bracket
spacing, back from the end of the boom, the same for both ends?  Since the
boom is still in pieces, I can set up and drill that hole, no problem.


They supply 21/2? stainless u bolts for the mast, but supply rather cheesy
zinc plated muffler type blocks..  Yet the manual lists aluminum vee blocks.
I would much prefer the aluminum vee blocks.  I see that DX Engineering
sells 21/2? u-bolt saddle clamps.  Would they work better?  The mast I have
is a 2? OD CM mast.  If I used 2? u-bolts, I would have to start over with a
new mast plate.  Is that worthwhile or am I over doing it?


The matching network is a little cheesy looking.  Do these work ok, and hold
up, or is there a better option out there?


I went through the archives, searched xm240.  I will cut back the heat
shrink on the loading coils just enough to expose the coil wire screws, and
check that connection, then reseal them with heat shrink.  The only other
thing I saw was to leave the caps off, although water is not much of an
issue here in the dry high desert.


I do not operate much below 7.030.  What are the 2:1 swr points if the
antenna is set for mid (7.125)?  I know about the ?LXC secret?, split
between cw and mid, but I don?t operate to 7.000 (advanced class license),
and want as much phone band as possible.


I realize this is a pretty simple antenna.  But once up it will be difficult
to get to.  Since I have time, I was hoping to take care of any issues, so
it will work, stay up there, and keep pointed in the right direction.


That?s all I can think of.  Any advice, or opinions, will be greatly


John wa5zup


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