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Re: [TowerTalk] rohn 45 foundation interpretation

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] rohn 45 foundation interpretation
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 14:09:49 EDT
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In a message dated 9/6/2007 4:49:56 P.M. Greenwich Standard Time, writes:

1. Do I  really use rebar for my CB2 hole?  If so, what are the lateral ties  
shown?  Are they rebar or wire?  I presume they hold the four  vertical rebar 
pieces rigid?  If that is there only purpose, could I not  just push the four 
vertical pieces into the wet concrete afterwards, making  sure I got at least 
3 inches below the concrete surface and did not come out  the bottom? 

2. Since the drawing also covers the foundation for Rohn  25, I never heard 
of anyone putting rebar into a 25 hole around this  area.  Could someone please 
clarify this for me. 

3. Below the 4  foot level bottom of the hole, how much more do I have to dig 
to put gravel  for drainage?  I have a pile of 5/8" minus I use for filling 
in the  driveway holes that I would use.

1.  I believe the rebar is necessary only if you mount it on a plate  with no 
base of the 45 in the concrete.  Most guys do not do it that way  and most 
guys do not use the rebar in the base.  I have never heard of the  base 
and failing in any of these instances.  Number 5 rebar is  pretty cheap and 
you would only need one 20 foot piece to do the outside corners  if you want 
the insurance.  Do not allow the rebar to protrude as it can  rust underground 
and eventually corrode the rebar in the concrete....allowing it  to weaken at 
that point
2.  Same story with 25.
3.  I believe the amount of gravel necessary is about three  inches.  In any 
case, make sure the legs of the tower are all the way into  the gravel bed.  
The purpose of the gravel is mainly to allow the legs to  drain.  If you have 
heavy soil the legs can clog and cause some major  deterioration from rust in a 
hurry.  Oh, by the way, be sure the legs of  the tower are not plugged before 
you put it in the hole.  If you have stood  the tower on end it can happen, 
especially if you have clay soil.
I hope this helps.  Now back to putting the rest of the steel in my  base for 
my Rohn 55.

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