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Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 01:12:17 -0500
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Ok, I am listing this again, I have an aluma tower 50 foot crankup in good 
condition, it cranks up and down nicely, it has the hinge base on it, but let 
me tell you that is pretty marginal.  It has worked for me and been up and 
down, let me see up once a couple years ago, down and up and down and up again 
with the help of my tower man with a rope over the roof to steadyand guy it 
coming down and going up.
Let me explain, it is mounted against the back side of the house with a mount 
that holds the inner tube at about the 20 foot level.  The top of the lower 
section is about 5 foot above that.  And since this is the small foot print 
crank up tower that means the rotator, mast and antennas are above the top 
shelf of the top section on this tower.
So what do I propose?  I have had surgery and am not able to climb this tower 
or go up on the roof to service it.  So I would like someone to come and take 
it down.  It holds currently an A3S triband beam, a 15 element 144mhz vertical 
beam, and a combination 144 and 440 beam up above.  The rotator is a Yaesu 
G-800DXA and it works perfectly for the less than one year up.
There are several possibilities, take it all down.
Take down the triband beam and leave the VHF stuff up as well as the Alpha 
delta DXCC that is suspended up there.
At any rate I want rid of the triband beam and have lots of A4S parts and A3S 
parts as well as 40/30 meter add on parts to go with this.
My problem is I will never be able to climb up there again!  And this needs 
resolved.  OK?
Let me know what you have available to me to do this.  Thank you!
Gene Bigham KB0GU

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