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[TowerTalk] Idiom Press RotorCard - Yaesu DXA

Subject: [TowerTalk] Idiom Press RotorCard - Yaesu DXA
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 13:52:39 EDT
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Tower Talk folks;
Any of you use the Idiom Press RotorCard - Yaesu DXA, for control  of a Yaesu 
G-2800DXA rotator? Product reviews on seem good,  but hardly anyone 
giving a review is familiar to me, like a lot of the  TowerTalkians are.
The reason I am thinking of this product is to fullly integrate my  wife's 
(N7RQ) station into my shack, giving her a separate operating position  like 
she's been used to. That card should allow her to serially tie her computer  to 
the normal Yaesu control box on my desk, about 8 ft away. So the two of us,  
ideally, could share a single rotator box, without either one of us leaving the 
operating position.
The price of this card seems very inviting, especially considering  Yaesu's 
1. Looks easy to install. Comments?
2. Any problems with operation? Maintenace?
3. This device still allows manual operation,  correct?
Tnx to all!  

73, Bob  K8IA

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