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Subject: [TowerTalk] [antenneX] Consider joining our writing team!
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 12:44:58 EDT
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Howdy, TowerTalkians --
    FYI. I know there are some clever technical folks  out there.
Steve       K7LXC
>  Folks:
Consider joining our writing  team!

Join the  others contributing from 25+ countries to the pages of 
antenneX since it was  founded 20 years ago.

The "X" in antenneX stands for eXperimentation, and  we have seen 
plenty of that over the years. From "A" to "Z" antennas, our  monthly 
magazine pages have presented new directions, new ideas, and even  
new concepts in antenna work. But, not everything we publish about 
has  been new. Nor need it be. Many articles have shown us ways to 
adapt  materials designed for other applications to our antenna work. 
Some have  shown us easier ways to achieve standard goals. From 
simpler construction  methods to simpler but accurate ways to 
calculate antenna dimensions,  antenneX has produced a mighty 
collection of articles useful at the everyday  level of antenna 
planning and construction.

We like to present a wide  mix of articles each month from the 
theoretical to the real "meat 'n  potatoes" of how-to experiences 
that many of you deal with on a daily basis.  Our broad spectrum of 
readers enjoys taking the trip with those who have  solved problems 
in a difficult environment, or have found new ways to bend  the wires 
or build components.

Another area of great interest is the  review of some of those "new" 
concepts presented earlier, how tested and the  results achieved with 
real measurements. This applies to some of those  exotic concepts 
that have been around for years too, as well as some of the  more 
conventional antennas.

One of the fascinating aspects of  antenneX is that every issue is 
written by its readers--or at least some of  its readers. As we look 
ahead, we want to invite more of the readership to  submit articles. 
For some, the process of writing is neither automatic nor  easy, and 
the monetary reward may not be great. However, nothing satisfies  so 
much as seeing your own work in print and having it discussed by  
other readers in more than 200 countries. By publishing your work, 
you  have the opportunity of finding new avenues to expand your own 
efforts by  pondering the reaction to that initial work.

Below follows some links to  a selection of sources that may answer 
most or all of your questions about  us and what we do:

- Jef Verborgt's fine article "Why Do I Read  antenneX"

- The  "antenneX Mission" which explains what we  do:

- Tom Cox,  KT9OM "Writing Styles" and a long-term  contributor

- LB  Cebik, W4RNL, antenneX Tech Editor's 7th anniversary review 
(now nearly  10)

- The list of 207  countries antenneX is circulated - "Where in the 
World is  antenneX"

- A brief history and  some of the contributors:

- Our  writing guidelines:

If you are  interested in contributing and have written about some 
topic already, just  submit it via email attachment to:

If you are  interested, but have more questions, email me at:

I  look forward to hearing from you. It can be a rewarding  

Thanks  for your time & hope to see you soon!

Jack L. Stone,  Publisher
antenneX Online  Magazine
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