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[TowerTalk] Free trip to KH6

Subject: [TowerTalk] Free trip to KH6
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 01:36:29 EDT
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I have an offer I hope someone may think is "too good to refuse".
Next Monday I will be pouring the base for my tower and anchors (all in  
excess of Rohn specs).  The building permit is for 150 feet  of Rohn 55 (guyed 
40/80/120 and 140 feet, using 1/4 inch EHS and  Phillystran.  Anyone who saw 
my setup in Florida knows I don't put any  half-a...d stuff up and all my 
materials are in excellent shape.
In about three or four weeks I want to put the tower up.  Here's the  
Although I can climb and work on towers, I blew my shoulder out about  thirty 
years ago and have a hard time wrestling things above my head like Rohn  55.  
I have lots of experience working on towers and also being the  "down-man".  
I'm looking to fly someone out here to the beautiful Big  Island for a week.  
Erecting the tower should take no more than two days,  leaving you five days 
to explore this tropical paradise.  I would cover  your airfare to and from the 
Island as well as put you up in your own room, and  keep you fed  for the 
entire week.  I also intend to keep the fridge  stocked with an ample supply of 
807s.  All I would expect is you to be the  "up-man" for 14 sections of Rohn 
55.  That's it.
If you're interested and have experience in putting up tower, drop me an  
email or give me a call.
 _cqtestk4xs@aol.com_ ( 
808 962 6655......Please remember there is a six hour time lag between EDST  
and KH6 time.

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