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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 05:12:10 -0400
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On 9/11/2007 Roger (K8RI) wrote:

> The most difficult climbing job I ever did was to get the owner of a pair of
> those"shaking hands" down off a tower. It was a big commercial tower and he
> was only 60' up, but it was climb up and move his hands, clmib down and move
> his feet, climb back up and move his hands...etc. It takes a longgggg time
> to climb down 60 feet like that

UGH - I BTDT but as a steel worker (can't climb anymore).  Had guys freeze out 
on a beam - no fun at all

The SILLIEST but in some ways the safest "climb"  I ever saw was for a 8 ft 
mast - 6 ft ladder right along side, and the owner insisted on a full body 
harness, hard hat, gloves, goggles etc for me.  The Hard hat didn't bug me, and 
I had my own with me - the goggles bugged me only because I was wearing my ANSI 
prescription glasses safety glasses (aka all the goggles were going to do was 
fog up on me) - but the harness and gloves were funny - I was only going up 6 
ft, and the ONLY things to hook to were the ladder (which would fall over) or 
the mast (and the tether would slide) - I wore them, but...

I refused to wear the gloves - who can handle small nuts/bolts with gloves on?

73 de KG2V

For the Children - RKBA!

You can have peace. Or you can have freedom.  Don't ever count on having both 
at once.
 --Lazarus Long


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