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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] RG6
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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 15:53:34 -0500
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Jim.... One place I found adapters was Bought them just a few
weeks ago online:

Item/Description                              Qty    Price    Subtotal
BA160                                          10    $2.77      $27.70  In
Coaxial Adapter, UHF Male / F Female

Shipping was an additional $8.50. I will be stringing up Beverages at my new
QTH and decided to go with RG-6 and F connectors this time, but I have some
existing switches that have female UHF connectors on them, hence the
adapters. A slight price break started at 10 units, so I got 10.

As for the F connectors themselves, are yours "crimp" or are they really
"compression". The later requires a tool that "pushes" a concentric plastic
insert into the connector. Tools for the compression connectors range from
about $15 to over $100, but the simple ones seem to work just fine if you
are only going to be making a few dozen connections. BTW, Home Depot sells
both the compression connectors and tools, both under the "Ideal" brand.
Their connectors are reasonably priced.  

- Larry Wi5A

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I'm wondering if anyone has worked with RG6 for power transmission, or might
know the limitations.

Radio Shack recently added a line of "waterproof" crimp connectors, and a
crimping tool for use with this stuff.
And I have a good size box of the cable lying around.

It strikes me that it's lighter in weight than rg8x, and better insulated.
Possibly lower loss. Where I'm running an OCF dipole, having 75 ohm line
rather than 50 isn't going to matter.
Tuner won't know the difference.

Will need to change out my xmsn line before winter, to replace the section
the mower scalped...and am thinking about experimenting with it.  

Anyone care to share first hand experience, or strong caveats?  How about
adapters from F to PL259?


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