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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lightning Advice
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 12:05:35 -0500
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This is part of where the confusion comes from. A "single point ground" is
not just where all grounds tie together but it is the place or panel where
all lines are physically located with no distance between other than the
surface of the panel itself.

You do not have a true single point ground system if you have your coax
suppressors mounted to a panel but have a ground lead run over to your power
entrance panel. Yes they are all bonded together at one place but that does
not constitute a true "single point ground system".

You can have as many earth connections to that panel as desired. But
everything that feeds your equipment must first come thru that single point
panel. All equipment that is fed from that panel must be directly connected
to that panel and not first connected thru another piece of equipment so as
to put any piece of equipment in series with another before connecting to
the single point ground panel. 
That is a true single point ground system.

Gary  K4FMX

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> Bill, the term "single point ground" is a terrible misnomer.  It does
> not mean a single point ground, or only one ground point.  When you
> think about it, there is no such thing.  Only the first person to tie
> something to ground would be able to have it and everyone else would be
> out of luck.
> I refuse to use the term because of the confusion it causes.  Most
> people think the term is self explanatory, but it is not.  I substitute
> the phrase "common ground tie point" instead.  It is the single point
> where all your ground systems tie together.  There are usually many
> ground connections within this system.  How you hook all these together
> is important to control where the current goes, and that is what the
> common ground tie point is for.
> Jerry, K4SAV
> Bill Turner wrote:
> >You mention a ground right at the tower and another grounded bulkhead
> >at the house entrance. That sounds like two grounds to me. Why do you
> >call one of them a Single Point Ground when there are clearly two?
> >
> >Bill W6WRT
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