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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 21:52:09 -0400
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I have a 20 foot piece of 2.5" outside diameter  thick wall aluminum pipe that 
I plan to use as a gin pole.  My tower is AB-105 and I have special brackets 
already made for the AB-105 that can be tightened to the tower legs.  I plan to 
 weld two prongs near the bottom of the gin pole  so it will  slide over the 
horizontal legs on 25 and 45 G.  Being fitted to easily accomodate 25 and 45 g 
means I can help others with tower projects without having to hunt down some 
one elses gin pole. .

I have had several recommendations as to what the length of the gin pole should 
be. Those recommendations are between 11 and 14 feet.
some one told me that they like to hoist 2 sections of 25 G alread put  
together on the ground and thats why they selected 14 feet.  For my part, I 
build my AB-105 a piece at a time climging higher as the pieces go together and 
have never hoisted up a section that was  put together on the ground.  My use 
for the gin pole would be for getting antennas above the tower.

There may be no exactly right answer but my thought now is to split the 
difference between 11 and 14 feet.  Is there any reason I should NOT do that??


Chet N4FX.............the ham previously known as N6ZO

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