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Re: [TowerTalk] exploding foundations and semantic quibblesregarding Ufe

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] exploding foundations and semantic quibblesregarding Ufer & "Single Point" grounds
From: Jim Jarvis <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 07:26:23 -0400
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It was written, regarding UFER grounds:

"Sinking the ground rod several inches below the bottom of the foundation
hole and only running copper wire out the bottom of the concrete is no
problem. If house foundations use copper wire for Ufer grounds, then it
sounds safe to assume that copper embedded in concrete does not eventually
corrode away."

WRONG!  You want to divert strike current around the tower foundation,
not through it.  The conductor will be evaporated, exploding the

A lot was written, regarding SPG, No Ground, and Disconnecting equipment:

Semantics notwithstanding, having all your utilities enter at one point
on a house, and AC, Telco, Cable and RF grounds right at that point
is ... well, unlikely.  If you can do it, great.  In 5 houses, I haven't
been able to.

Which means, in the event of a direct or a nearby strike, I WILL have
voltages developing over my grounds.  I have eliminated a telco connection
to the stn. by going 2.4GHz.  I have eliminated an internet connection to
the stn by going 2.4GHz.  During frontal passages, I disconnect the antenna
and the power from the station.

But I STILL do the best I can to provide a low impedance path to ground
for lightning, at my tower, and outside my home, in order to protect
things other than my amateur gear.

Semantically, how about "single point service entrance" ??  The lightning
dissipative ground, after all, wants to be as multi-point and robust as you
can make it.

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