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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 11:43:30 -0700
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All this talk of concrete exploding due to the moisture flashing to steam is 
"in my opinion" absolute crap. The only way steam can occur is if the water in 
the concrete is subject to atmospheric pressure otherwise regardless (almost) 
of temperature it stays in the liquid state.(Although water will boil at room 
temperature if you subject it to a vacuum.     -14.7 psi.)

IE: Water in a car radiator with the cap on.  Water boils at 212 F under 
atmospheric pressure (14.7psi).....for every pound of pressure you put on that 
water in an enclosed space, it raises the boiling point by 3 degrees F. so with 
a 15 lb  radiator cap lets say, the boiling point of the water would be 257 F.  
When you release that cap the superheated liquid water flashes to steam at 
atmospheric pressure with 970 BTU's/Cu Ft of energy (970 BTUs is the amount of 
energy that is required to change 1 cu ft of water at 212F to Steam at 212F

As water in concrete "is" in an enclosed ( and for all intensive purposes air 
tight )space and is under tremendous pressure (*a big radiator cap if you will) 
, it cannot in all likelihood flash to steam.

This is however a great discussion  (grin)

Derek  VE7RE

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