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Re: [TowerTalk] Low elevation Falls/Senior Citizens

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Low elevation Falls/Senior Citizens
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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 18:54:47 -0400
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> Folks:
> While working on my modest backyard tower today, I had the pleasure of
> having a wonderful emergency room Nurse, of exceptional experience, 
> helping
> as ground crew.  Among other things, we talked about the dangers of falls
> while working in the air, and I casually commented with a guess, that 
> Susan,
> (my RN ground crew) probably sees pretty regular fall injury admissions to
> the emergency room.  Even if just off ladders, and at small fall 
> distances.
> Susan nodded somberly, and said "yes... and you know who we get most often
> falling  from ladders, etc?  Senior Citizens who need to clean out their
> roof gutters, and do it themselves, to try to save the cost of 
> professionals
> to do the work."   With their limited budgets, that is not surprising.  I
> imagine a senior citizen's major fall from a ladder or roof is quite a

Some senior citizens.  My ex Father inlaw (from another life) was still 
roofing those big, tall, barns with hip roofs in his mid 80s. That's more 
work than I would have tackled when I was 40. The old guy didn't need the 
money either (nuther story).  That is back breaking work and was for the 
crew of young guys I hired to do the roof on our ranch-style home last year.

BTW,  "step-ladder" is right near the top of my list of mankind's most 
dangerous inventions.

> profound life changing event, even life and death, sometimes.
> It may be the case that a number of TT members are/ or may know of service
> groups  (Rotary Club, Lions, Kiwanis, etc) that might want to provide
> services to senior citizens.   You might approach these service clubs, or
> you yourself might want to volunteer to help out a senior citizen, avoid a
> possibly life changing fall, doing home maintenance....You might save a 
> life
> or two.

Good suggestion

> All the Best, 73,
> Pat Barthelow
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