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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Ground wire
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Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 15:57:40 -0500
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> Jim Miller wrote:
> > I usually do this, not asking it clearly.  It makes perfect sense to me
> but
> > I know what I am trying to find out.
> >
> > I can run enough of the 3 wire #8 cords to be as large or larger than
> > whatever is recommended.  What I should have specified is that the wires
> are
> > insulated (romax style) and then the separate runs of course are
> insulated
> > from each other and then bundled and ALL the wires at each end tied
> together
> > as if they were ONE conductor.
> >
> > Now the question.  I was wondering if the wires being insulated
> individually
> > will cause some adverse effect (being caused by their capacitance or
> > inductance to each other) on their capability to properly handle a
> > ("normal") lightning strike verses using a single conductor of similar
> size.
> The inductance will be LESS than a single conductor of the same cross
> sectional area.  What you're basically implementing is a version of the
> "bundled" conductors you see on HV transmission lines, or, for that
> matter a form of Litz wire.


Won't the inductance be greater because of mutual inductance between the
parallel wires?

Also Litz wire must be specially woven to be effective and then its benefits
are only good at low frequencies.

Gary  K4FMX


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