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Re: [TowerTalk] whole house surge protectors

To: Jim Lux <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] whole house surge protectors
From: Tom Anderson <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 13:47:28 -0500
List-post: <>
Jim and fellow tower talk members:

I'm in the process of having a 220 line run into the shack for a new 
Alpha 9500 amp my XYL and I picked up at the plant in Boulder a month 
ago.  Still waiting on the electrician showing up though.

While I had him on the phone I asked him (and yes I've known him for 
years (I was his son's Eagle Scout advisor) and he's done work for me 
before and does a lot of commercial work near us) about a whole house 
protector and in his opinion he felt a good individual unit for the 
plugs and equipment you wanted to protect was better than a whole house 
protector. He said many strikes, surges, etc. come into the house via 
phone lines, TV cable, satellite dishes, etc. and often bypass the whole 
house protector before getting into the home electrical system, which is 
why he prefers good single unit protectors when needed.

Anyway just repeating the .02 of the electrician I've used.

73 de Tom, WW5L

Jim Lux wrote:
> I've been doing a bit of browsing
> Most of the whole house protectors are shunt mode (which, by the way, 
> can actually cause some problems, making things worse)
> Intermatic IG1240RC
> Leviton 51120-1
> Panamax gpp8005
> Siemens various models
> etc.
> In any case, a shunt mode suppressor will also suppress transients 
> originating within the house.


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