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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Age Old Question
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 10:38:51 EDT
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>  Don't you have to be careful with the tape??  I have  heard (or read) that 
you don't want to pull the tape to break it after  taping the coax.  Pulling 
it too hard can damage the  dielectric. 
    I don't know about the damaging the dielectric  part (isn't it all 
dielectric?), but yes - you should be careful when  finalizing your tape wrap. 
want to have a nice, clean cut at the end of  the tape. DO NOT pull it until it 
breaks. This pulled out end will not attach  itself very well to the wrap. 
This will result in "flagging" where the end of  the tape pulls off and waves 
the breeze. Either tear it carefully by hand  without stretching it or use a 
pair of scissors, dikes, etc. Then let the tape  relax before putting it down 
on the wrap. Of course you're using Scotch 33 or  88 for this operation - not 
the 3 for 99 cents stuff from the hardware store.  

The last bit of advice is when taping a vertical  joint, to have the last 
layer of tape going up. That way it overlaps like  shingles on your roof. 
the wraps down will result in the tape  channeling the water flowing down 
right into the joint - a sorry state of  affairs. 
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