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[TowerTalk] protection from UV (and chewing by critters)

Subject: [TowerTalk] protection from UV (and chewing by critters)
From: N7DF <>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 08:56:44 -0700 (PDT)
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I have adopted a policy of encasing my coaxes, rotor cables and switchlines in  
 Polyethylene pipe.  A one inch pipe will carry all three very comfortably and 
the cables can be pulled through a 100 foot run with ease.  For longer runs you 
feed a coupler over the cable and the attach another length of pipe. Locally, 
it costs about $15 per 100 feet at the feed store.   I  support vertical runs 
with a rope fed through the pipe tied off at the top and bottom.  I secure the 
pipe to the tower leg every few feet with tape to keep it from flopping in the 
wind.   To support elevated horizontal runs I feed a rope through the pipe and 
tie off the ends to the tower and other end support. Most of the time I just 
run the pipe to the bottom of the tower and let it lie on the ground, though.   
It can be buried at any depth in any type of terrain, including marshland or 
under water without concern.  However it is necessary to seal the ends against 
water with tape or other means.  For
 extreme conditions squirting some foam sealant into the end of the pipe works 
well.  I saw an underwater installation Alaska that was pressurized by 
inserting a tee connection with a valve assembly at one end  and filled by an 
air compressor.
  Also, for protecting plastics of all type, including tape and tiewraps, from 
the elements I have found that KRYLON FUSION paint does an excellent job if the 
directions are followed.  It is the only type of paint that I have found that 
will bond effectively to Polyethylene 

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