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Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 14:01:24 -0400
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 I had to take down my tower because my home is up for sale.

 This is what I found when removing  the coax runs.

 I used some of the colored tie straps to hold my air wound chokes together.
You know, the cheap ones that you can buy in any home center store in a huge
 Every color but the black ones were very brittle but the black ones seemed
to be as good as the day they were installed.
 None of the ties failed after 2 years or so but I think that the colored
ones would have soon.

 The ties held up 4 runs of coax, from LMR 600 to RG8u...

 Black ties seem to work well....

 my 2 cents

> This is getting way too complicated... hose clamps, wire, kellem grips,
> cable ties, all too hard and more of a pain than they are worth.  For
> 24 years in an area that gets lots of sun and plenty of snow and ice I
> used nothing but the cheapest electrical tape I could find to hold cables
> all kinds to tower legs, masts, booms, and above ground cable runs into
> shack.  I have always pulled it to break on the last wrap.  And I have
> had a cable failure due to pinching, slipping, or anything else related to
> how it was held up.  Its quick, flexible, and easy to remove.  And above
> all, its fun to see the hardware store clerk's eyes when after he says
> the 10 or 20 rolls I'm buying at a time should last a while I tell him
> it will be gone in a week.  After a while you gauge jobs by how many rolls
> of tape they will use... i.e. replacing a vhf yagi without running a new
> feedline is <1 roll... but installing a new 4 ele 40m at 180' is a 2 roll
> job... and adding a new feedline from the shack to 180' is probably 5
> rolls(the bundle gets pretty fat from that tower to the shack!).
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