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Your 100% correct Bert.

Steppir who actually do have an advanced state of the art antenna have all
their nice color manuals on their website as stated before.  Plus their
customer service in my opinion is second to none and very often Mike the
owner is the one to call you back if you have a problem.  Plus there is a
Yahoo Group dedicated to Steppir with full customer support input from their
customer service guy Larry, you can even get your questions answered if you
do not even yet own a Steppir antenna.  Now that's service!

By the way I have no affiliation with the Steppir Company, but I know where
I would be shopping.

Mike K6BR  

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Hi Ken et all,

Unfortunately, it's thinking like yours that let manufacturers and dealers
get away with bad, rude or non-existing customer service. If we all demanded
better service we would get better service. It's simple - just stop buying
their products. 

What so special about F12 antennas? There are quite a few companies that
build equivalent or better antennas as far as I'm concerned. Thinking of
Optibeam, Titanex, SteppIR, Mosley, M2, etc.

BTW, Mosley also charges for a copy of a manual. I guess nothing is for free
these days but manuals should be!! :-))

73 Bert, VE3OBU

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Lee Wical wrote:
> Bottom line! Why buy Force 12?
Sometimes they have just what you need.  For example, I needed a good
portable antenna to take to the beach for IOTA operation.  The Force 12
Sigma 5, a five band vertical dipole, fit the bill exactly.  It broke down
into a two foot long bundle and went together easily and was in operation in
about 10 minutes.
Their antennas work as well or better than the competition.  My EF-420/240
was an excellent performer...particularly on 20, where it was every bit as
good, if not better, than my old HyGain 204BA.

Refusing to buy from an irritating company is akin to cutting off your nose
to spite your face.  I can take a little aggravation if necessary to get
what I want.  YMMV.




Ken K4XL

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