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From: Donald Chester <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 01:25:30 +0000
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>It is unreasonable to expect a company to make public the complete details
>of their designs. I am amazed that some hams have the gall to ask other hams
>to copy the info on their antennas and send it to them.
>Just my opinion.
>73, Dan, N5AR

I would always encourage hams to  share technical information on their 
equipment, whether home built or commercial.

When you buy a product you are not obligated in any way to keep its design 
confidential.  I'm always glad to copy the schematic or manual or any other 
design information on a product I have purchased and pass it along to another 
ham who might be interest in homebrewing something similar.  That's what ham 
radio is all about.  Who knows, that person might come up with a worthwhile 
improvement on the original design.

I wouldn't condone copying the design and putting it on the market to sell.  
That what patent protection is for.  But copying the design for your own use 
falls under the category of fair usage.

If the ham wants to share the his own antenna design that he created, that's 
strictly up to him.  If someone else is interested, it  doesn't hurt to ask.  
The worst that can happen would be to say no.

Don k4kyv
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