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Re: [TowerTalk] Fiberglass Rod Part Deux

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Fiberglass Rod Part Deux
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 13:36:27 EDT
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I'm interested to see if there are a few of us who would want to purchase  
new fiberglass rod together to meet the minimum order.  One manufacturer  
requires 5,000 feet; another I found, 2,000 feet.

Perhaps there is some  merit in going this route if enough of us with modest 
stations would want to  work together.  It seems a far more cost-effective 
alternative to  phillystran.....KC2G
I was part of two groups who did this a while back.  We put two  massive 
orders in to Polygon up in Indiana.
One thing you need to consider is the order for the guy grips needs to  
placed separately from the fiberglass.  The grips used for the Polygon  stuff 
be ordered from PLP.  However, PLP only sells minimum orders of  $500 and the 
grips come in boxes of 25.  I think the fiberglass grips  (different than the 
regular EHS ones) go for around $10 each.  There is a  substantial penalty for 
them to "break" a box that you must pay for a partial  box order.
Another caveat.....After several years in the Florida sun, the rod started  
to look rather shaggy and frayed.  I sold my place, took down the  towers and 
sold off all the rod so I don't know what they would have looked like  after 
more time out there.  I do know that the gel deteriorated pretty  quickly in 
just a couple of years.

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