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Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower Pictorial Description of their products

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower Pictorial Description of their products
From: Alan NV8A <>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 09:48:33 -0400
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On 10/01/07 11:44 pm res1q6fs wrote:

> I have e-mailed them for a pictorial of one of their products (I am ordering 
> a HDX555). I have noticed in their website an absence of this type of 
> documentation. I only found info on the concrete base specs., etc. 
> Do they supply this info? I found nothing in their website and even Google 
> gave up no information, which means it is not out there probably.
> It would be nice to have it for a building permit application. 

I'm sure that documentation is available ahead of time for a fee, but 
since our local building dept. is very accommodating wrt Amateur Radio 
towers ("As long as it's no higher than 70ft, it's no concern of ours -- 
  no drawings, no calcs., no inspections" [my paraphrase]), I saw no 
drawings (other than the foundation drawing on line) or other docs. 
until after I had placed my order for an HDX-555. (And apparently some 
other customers have received skimpier docs. than I did.)

I found the documentation confusing, however, and not just because I'm 
not an engineer: the foundation dimensions on the Web site are different 
from those in the printed docs. I received, and I think there were 
discrepancies within the printed docs. as well. When I asked for 
clarification, about all I could get was "follow the instructions."

Another point: I saw people here reporting that they had been advised by 
UST to lubricate the sliding "bearings" of the tower sections with 
beeswax, whereas my printed docs. said to use automotive grease. This 
time, when I asked for clarification, they replied: "Yes, we've changed 
our recommendation but haven't yet updated the docs."

Keep in mind also thet UST's calcs use a now-outdated version of the 
Uniform Building Code, and your building dept. may insist on calcs. 
according to the latest UBC.


Alan NV8A

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