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[TowerTalk] re Wooden poles

Subject: [TowerTalk] re Wooden poles
From: "Rob Atkinson" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 11:55:35 -0500
List-post: <>
I have not read the CQ article but a couple of things about wood poles give
me pause (I've considered them in the past) assuming you can get  one to
your QTH and get a crew with a big auger to drill a hole and upend it.
Firstly, you are going to have to climb it eventually.   You can get around
having to use climbing boots and spurs by having rungs put in the pole but
even with those, how high do you want to climb and how long do you want to
stand on this thing, straddling the pole?   You can have a bucket come in
for you ($$$), but not for a 120 footer.

Secondly, eventually you are going to have to deal with getting that pole
out of there.   Let's face it, nothing lasts forever.   Personally, I'd
prefer to take down a tower.

By the way, someone wrote something about getting the job done for "a few
cases of beer."   I hate to deliver bad news, but  _no one_  does
_anything_  for a few of this or that anymore.   People loose jobs, get
sued, or put in jail now for doing a favor on the side for a few of this or
that.  A lot of hams seem to think it's still the 1950s.


rob / k5uj

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