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To: Rob Atkinson <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] re Wooden poles
From: bob finger <>
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 14:32:07 -0400
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Rob: That would be me.   I'm so sorry you live where you do.  Yes, many 
places in this great country have changed to the point that a case of 
beer won't get much done.  But, and it is a big but, there are places 
where we still live that way.  I can buy anything in this area on a 
handshake, get lots done for a case of beer or two and so forth. 

I moved to MD eastern shore because of this.  I want to live where a 
mans word was as good as his credit card and friends and neighbors help 
each other.   I'll give two examples.  When it was time to plant my 
first two towers I needed tower and guy anchor holes dug.  My neighbor  
makes his living on a back hoe and I asked him to help.  He dug 7 holes 
for me in just a few minutes (he is good) darn near at dark and then 
would not accept any payment, saying that is what neighbors are for.  I 
convinced him to allow me to make a donation to the kids college fund 
for he would not take anything for his efforts. 

Another story:  A few weeks ago my next door neighbor "acquired" 6 45 
foot utility poles that were being replaced a few miles up the road.  He 
is going to build a small bridge with them.  The local utility brought 
the poles on a trailer, laid them across the creek with the pole truck 
and drove away with a wave. 

Similar  stories can be told  many many times over in the past few 
years.  I accept the help and give it where I can.  I'm a very happy 
camper.  I was born/raised in the upper midwest.  I would bet any money 
I can duplicate my experiences there today as well. And so it goes.  
What say guys and gals? 

 73 bob de w9ge

Rob Atkinson wrote:

>By the way, someone wrote something about getting the job done for "a few
>cases of beer."   I hate to deliver bad news, but  _no one_  does
>_anything_  for a few of this or that anymore.   People loose jobs, get
>sued, or put in jail now for doing a favor on the side for a few of this or
>that.  A lot of hams seem to think it's still the 1950s.
>rob / k5uj

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