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Beer, coffee, handshakes and just plain old real people are alive and well 
in New Hampshire.

In my own rural area I swap sweat equity or my welding and electrical skills 
to my neighbors and friends for backhoe, jackhammer and similar work. Cash 
is never mentioned.

The utility companies are glad to deliver free poles as it saves them money 
and paperwork. The CATV companies give away reel ends of hardline.

Im sure that the people are similar in areas that arent up tight and worried 
about some dirtbag lawyer under every rock. NH law is based on the concept 
of personal responsibility, it helps keep those lawyers fighting each other 
for work and not annoying humans.


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> Rob: That would be me.   I'm so sorry you live where you do.  Yes, many
> places in this great country have changed to the point that a case of
> beer won't get much done.  But, and it is a big but, there are places
> where we still live that way.  I can buy anything in this area on a
> handshake, get lots done for a case of beer or two and so forth.
> I moved to MD eastern shore because of this.  I want to live where a
> mans word was as good as his credit card and friends and neighbors help
> each other.   I'll give two examples.  When it was time to plant my
> first two towers I needed tower and guy anchor holes dug.  My neighbor
> makes his living on a back hoe and I asked him to help.  He dug 7 holes
> for me in just a few minutes (he is good) darn near at dark and then
> would not accept any payment, saying that is what neighbors are for.  I
> convinced him to allow me to make a donation to the kids college fund
> for he would not take anything for his efforts.
> Another story:  A few weeks ago my next door neighbor "acquired" 6 45
> foot utility poles that were being replaced a few miles up the road.  He
> is going to build a small bridge with them.  The local utility brought
> the poles on a trailer, laid them across the creek with the pole truck
> and drove away with a wave.
> Similar  stories can be told  many many times over in the past few
> years.  I accept the help and give it where I can.  I'm a very happy
> camper.  I was born/raised in the upper midwest.  I would bet any money
> I can duplicate my experiences there today as well. And so it goes.
> What say guys and gals?
> 73 bob de w9ge
> Rob Atkinson wrote:
>>By the way, someone wrote something about getting the job done for "a few
>>cases of beer."   I hate to deliver bad news, but  _no one_  does
>>_anything_  for a few of this or that anymore.   People loose jobs, get
>>sued, or put in jail now for doing a favor on the side for a few of this 
>>that.  A lot of hams seem to think it's still the 1950s.
>>rob / k5uj
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