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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] KT36XA
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 11:57:13 EDT
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Re: experience with the KT36XA.
I owned several KT34XAs in the past and was very happy with them. They were  
used as S/P antennas in conjunction with my other KLM antennas.  Mike  builds 
a good antenna and they were very competitive.  When I sold my  contest 
station with all its stacks and relocated to KH6, I was limited to one  tower.  
antenna I chose to use was the KT36XA...three of them  stacked.
The mechanical problems (loss of conductivity at several joints) has been  
rectified and customer service from M2 is very good.  Of course the XA  series 
is not plug and play in several hours.  It does take time to put the  antenna 
together.  I will be putting up the XAs in several weeks and  anticipate one 
day for each one's assembly. 
As far as what kind of signal they put out.....check out KH7XS and KH7B  (for 
contests) in the next few months.  The 150 foot tower is finally up  and wire 
antennas for 80 are being assembled (first band on the air).

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