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[TowerTalk] Stacked antenna spacing

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stacked antenna spacing
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Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 16:58:54 -0500
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I have an interesting quandary.  Having finished (at least for now) the HF 
tower, I have turned my attention to next summer's project which is a 6m & 2M 
tower. My plans include a 5L 6M with a 16 foot boom, a 10L 2M with an 18 foot 
boom and (here's the kicker) a 6M Square Loop. I want the 6M Yagi for the gain 
and directivity but I also want the loop for monitoring purposes. When I last 
had the 6M Yagi up, I would often miss openings because activity would happen 
off the side or back of the antenna. The loop being omni directional would 
solve that problem, but presents another. How far apart would I have to 
separate the two 6M antennas so the Loop would not skew the pattern of the 
Yagi?  I have had the 6M and the 2M antennas together with about 6 feet between 
them and they both worked well, but adding another 6M to the mix concerns me.  
Any ideas?



Clint - W5CPT


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