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Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 18:28:12 +0000
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Dave & Fellow TTers;
Not only do I have a data sheet and install instrucitons for the Saturn 6, but 
I watched my own being made. 
Dave, I will scan them and email it to you off-list.
In an old chicken coop behind his house on Lunenburg Fitchburg, MA, 
Henry, W1NEV, ran Hi-Par Antennas. He made the intergalactically famous Saturn 
6, a single large loop 6M, a 2M multi-loop device, plus numerous 2 & 6 M yagis 
(the famous "Hilltoppers"). Also MUZAK antennas for businesses and other misc. 
antennas. I remember there being an old Gonset Gooney Box on a shelf above the 
desk in his office, but it was always quiet as 2M AM was pretty dead then. He 
did a land office buiness in 2M ground planes and gain veticals like his 
locally famous "Big Ear" when the 2M FM boom started.  Sadly Henry passed away 
quite some time ago, the house, barn and chicken coop torn down(there should 
have been a monument erected) and progress reared its ugly head in the form of 
the local Honda car dealership. Every time I drive by that spot I remember 
standing in the chicken coop and watching Henry run Al tubing through the jigs 
to make my Saturn 6.
Barry - W1HFN

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