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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Saturn6 +
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 19:00:54 EDT
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Thank you for that little story....  My very first 6M antenna was a Saturn 6  
planted on a 5 foot mast clamped to a bathroom vent on the roof...  all of 15 
feet up...  Almost as high as the 20M dipole I was using at the time.
My elmer, WA2CQy,  had one on his FIAT... along with an ungodly collection of 
boxes that he used to work 6M mobile.  
It wasn't a  DX pile buster by any means.  Even so, I managed to work a bunch 
of states on 6M AM using a Clegg 99er with an  L-C circuit "vfo" I built to 
replace the crystal.  It worked pretty well.   I do remember having to stuff 
that box with Kleenex to avoid FMing from even the most minor vibration on the 
shack table.
It kept me happy as a 13 year old kid in 1963 - even though I slobbered over 
the Clegg Thor and Clegg Apollo adds...  Any maybe just maybe someday, having 
a BEAM!!!  WOW!!
At 50 cents a week allowance, I think I might just now be able to buy them!  
Ooooopps...  Clegg is long gone.  Same for Saturn.  Come to think of it,  
maybe collectors on E-bay are bidding Thors past where I can afford them yet 
Anyway, thank you again for the happy memories.

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